About Me

Hi,  my name is Glenn, and welcome to my blog.

I’ve been a chef for nearly ten years. When I first started,  I wanted to do one thing; cook delicious restaurant-quality food that I could take home and replicate. Unfortunately,  not everything was in my control, and what I learned,  while vital to my growth, weren’t foods I’d wanted to cook at home or foods I couldn’t easily replicate domestically. 

As a chef, my experiences vary from hotels to member clubs to restaurants,
the corporate world, and the internet. The culinary world is a vast wonder
where anyone can find a sense of belonging that suits their passions and style.
Whatever your limitations,  great food is always available. 

It’s been a long journey from a kitchen commis. Along the way, some moments
have made me doubt my sanity, some have brought me to tears, and some have made me question reality multiple times. Yet,  one motivation remains, and
that is to cook great food at home.

Now, I think I’ve finally cracked the secret to great food. One ingredient is the only thing separating a good recipe from a great dish. It’s salt, to taste. 

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